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Записи с темой: english (список заголовков)

#1 Chandelier (1000 Forms of Fear), 2014

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Artist: Sia
Album: 1000 Forms of Fear


Party girls don't get hurt - the alcohol shield / IDGAF-barrier makes the party girl immune to feeling anything real… or at least until it wears off. Alcohol actually does have a numbing effect on the body, and was often used as an anesthetic in the past because it depresses the central nervous system.
I push it down, push it down - supression of fear through self medication
Throw 'em back till I lose count - it would take about 4 shots within an hour for someone the size of Sia to get drunk enough to actually start forgetting things, but one thing is for certain: She’s going to party very hard tonight. We have no information on whether she – like Nicki Minaj – is able to keep count of her money.
swing from the chandelier - taking the meaning of “life of the party” to a whole new level
Won't look down, won't open my eyes - she may be drinking herself to death but she also “won’t look down”; even if she knows the possible consequences of what she’s doing, she’s determined to ignore them for one night.
Sun is up, I'm a mess - Sia wakes up with a hangover, everything arounds her make her feel uncomfortable, that’s why she needs to get out and run from the place she woke up to forget what happened.

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#1 Do It, Try It (Junk), 2016

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Do It, Try It
Artist: M83
Album: Junk


take over - to begin to have control of something
walk into - to get a job very easily
back down - to admit that you were wrong or that you have been defeated
turn on - to make someone feel interested or excited, especially sexually

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Scab and Plaster

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Scab and Plaster
Artist: Marina and the Diamonds


scab - a rough surface made of dried blood that forms over a cut or broken skin while it is healing
plaster - a small piece of sticky cloth or plastic that you use to cover and protect a cut in the skin
hold down - to keep someone or something in a particular place or position and to stop him, her, or it from moving
hold up - to delay someone or something
bring up - to care for a child until he or she is an adult, often giving him or her particular beliefs
bring down - taking action against people in power
self-belief - trust in your own abilities
relief - a feeling of happiness that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended
shut in - keep someone or something inside a place by closing something such as a door
shut up - to stop talking or making a noise, or to make someone do this


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Shot at the Night, 2013

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Shot at the Night
Artist: The Killers


break in - to interrupt
bones - the physical reality against which the person collides in order to reach what is coveted
life line - line in a palm that represents your vitality and the length of your life


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#6 Water Under the Bridge (25), 2015

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Water Under the Bridge
Artist: Adele
Album: 25


have been through - have experienced something
wilderness - an area of land that has not been used to grow crops or had towns and roads built on it, especially because it is difficult to live in as a result of its extremely cold or hot weather or bad earth
let down - to disappoint someone by failing to do what you agreed to do or were expected to do
water under the bridge - problems that someone has had in the past that they do not worry about because they happened a long time ago and cannot now be changed


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#6 Team (Pure Heroine), 2013

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Artist: Lorde
Album: Pure Heroine


the hounds - a metaphor for Lorde’s vindictive, vicious side. While she doesn’t like to show that side of her often, but she will if she needs to
the call out - an occasion when someone is asked to come to a person's home or to a particular place in order to do a job, help someone
a finery - beautiful clothing and jewellery worn on a special occasion
a hundred jewels on throats//a hundred jewels between teeth - a reference to jewel encrusted grills that rappers often wear or reference to braces which have joints that could be mistaken for jewels. Lorde tries to make her situation more glamorous by romanticizing the little that they have
their skin in craters like the moon - pimply teenage boys
the comatose - very tired or in a deep sleep because of extreme tiredness, hard work, or too much alcohol
how to run things - to operate/to be in control of everything
we're on each other's team - being on a team represents trusting everyone else in it completely and working together
I'm kind of over gettin' told to throw my hands up in the air - it's about most of the popular songs being played that are all about clubbing and partying. Most of them even do say, "put your hands in the air". It gets boring
shards - a piece of a broken glass, cup, container, or similar object
revel - taking pleasure in something

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Как учить английские слова, слушая песни на английском языке

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
«Одна из моих студенток очень активно использовала песни на английском языке для того, чтобы расширить словарный запас. И, как показывает практика, она правильно делала. Так как, в результате, ее словарный запас, по сравнению с одногруппниками, заметно возрос. Как же работать с песнями на английском языке, чтобы слова действительно хорошо запоминались? Об этом читайте в данном посте.

Каждая песня посвящена какой-то теме – любви, работе, предательству и т.д. Так что, там Вы найдете очень много полезных слов, которые позволят Вам расширить словарный запас по определенной теме. Работа с любой песней не отличается от чтения книги на английском языке, но, все же, будет и небольшая разница. Так как я сама использую песни на английском языке на моих уроках английского, то я знаю, как с ними работать. Вот несколько советов:
1) Послушайте песню несколько раз. Пока что не читайте текст песни, а просто слушайте, чтобы привыкнуть к ее звучанию, ритму и звукам. Возможно, Вы даже сможете разобрать там некоторые слова.

2) Возьмите текст песни и прочитайте его, слушая песню и стараясь разобраться, о чем же, в общем, там поется. Получилось это сделать без словаря? Отлично! Значит, песня была Вашего или даже немного ниже Вашего уровня. Не получилось? Что ж, тогда приступайте к третьему шагу!

3) Переведите слова, которые действительно препятствуют пониманию смысла песни. А еще лучше, сначала попытайтесь догадаться о значении слов из контекста, правда, в случае песен это иногда может быть трудно сделать, так как последовательность и логика в них иногда просто могут отсутствовать.

4) Выпишите слова и постарайтесь их запомнить, чтобы в дальнейшем Вы могли понимать песню без обращения к словарям.

5) Слушайте песню до тех пор, пока Вы не будете ее четко понимать. Сначала Вы можете это делать с опорой на текст, но потом есть смысл забыть и о нем, чтобы Вы просто могли без проблем воспринимать ее на слух.

6) Пойте песню вместе с исполнителем! Это позволит проговорить слова, которые Вы изучаете, причем сделать это в контексте. И это позволит Вам в дальнейшем использовать их при общении с другими.»

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My English is not very bad. I think so.

We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Monday, 30 July 2012

An Ode to Marina and the Diamonds

By Claire, Devonne and Rayna

Before we begin our ode to Marina and the Diamonds, we first want to have a small ode to our feminist friend Rayna. Rayna is funny, smart, opinionated and she is co-writing this post as a guest-blogger! Welcome Rayna!

So who exactly is Marina and the Diamonds and why is she so awesome? Well, she’s Welsh, she’s a pop artist, she’s awesome, she’s got a beautiful voice, she’s a talented song-writer, she’s awesome, she’s super stylish…have we mentioned she’s awesome? Have you noticed that we’re saying “she” and not “they? If you thought this was a band, don’t worry about it. Many a poorly informed music reviewer has made this mistake, much to our dismay. “She” is a solo artist and her full name is Marina Diamandis. “The Diamonds” refers to her fans (which mean we’re Diamonds.Obviously). We’ve been following her career since her first album, The Family Jewels, debuted in 2010. Now, two years later, she’s released a new album, Electra Heart. Which we absolutely adore.

Musically, Marina has been compared to many artists, including Katy Perry and Lana Del Ray. While Marina’s music can match other popular artists in being fun and catchy, her lyrics are intellectual and witty in a way that is hard to rival. The subject matter of her songs ranges from the American Dream, to love, ambition, and our personal favourite topic - feminism. It’s a little deeper than “We danced on table tops and we took too many shots”. And it’s not just that her lyrics can be interpreted as feminist. Marina actually says she’s a feminist, a very rare statement for anyone in today’s pop culture. In an interview with UK magazine Company, when asked if she sees herself as a feminist Marina responds with “Yes...everybody thinks it’s about hairy legged women who hate men. But it’s not”. Contrast that with Ellie Goulding’s response in the exact same magazine where she states “No...I don’t give a shit if an artist is male or female, as long as the music is great. But I don’t think that’s being a feminist, I think that’s about equality” (Ellie please be directed to blog post one where we define feminism). Feminism has such a negative connotation that most people state they’re not a feminist as quickly as possible. For Marina to openly say she’s a feminist and actually understand the meaning of the word, is a breath of fresh air.

One of our favourite songs from Marina’s new album is “Sex, Yeah”. It sounds like it would be a vapid and shallow song, but it’s actually a comment on raunch culture and the gender stereotypes prevalent in Western society. Her lyrics lament that “nothing is provocative anymore, even for kids,” while telling us to “question what the TV tells [us]...question good and question bad”. While we are often taught to be critical thinkers, this message doesn’t usually come from pop songs. The chorus questions gender roles, wishing that “history could set you free from who you were supposed to be” and that “sex in our society didn’t tell a girl who she would be” . We could continue analyzing every line in this song but it’s probably best if you just listen to it yourself.

Seriously. Go to youtube. Now. Also while you are there take a couple minutes to watch one of her satirical music videos. We recommend “Hollywood”, “Oh No!”, and “Primadonna”.

We live in a society where pop stars are common role models for young girls. And while that may be an issue in itself, if you’re going to look up to a pop star, Marina, with her confidence, intelligence and outspoken feminism, is a pretty good choice.

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Hallelujah, I'm free