Marina Radu
We're just animals, still learning how to crawl.
Scab and Plaster
Artist: Marina and the Diamonds

[Verse 1]
I stepped into a room of clocks that all told different times
I stepped into a mirrored world that mirrored all our crimes
You keep picking at the scab and I'll keep selling the plaster
You keep telling me that I'm bad
But I keep on getting better faster

You hold me down and you hold me up
You can't communicate
You brought me up just to bring me down
I've nothing left to say

I've lost, I've lost my innocence
I've found my self-belief
And in a cup of loneliness
I've found instant relief

You hold me down, you hold me up
Oh Daddy, are we out of luck?
You brought me up to bring me down
You shut me in, you shut me up

[Verse 2]
I'm gone, I'm gone to heaven
I'm gone, I'm gone to hell
If nobody could see I'd hold my hand out to be held
I wish that you could just admit that you did bad things too
Instead of criticizing me so I don't look at you




You keep picking at the scab
So I'll keep on selling the plaster
And you, you think I'm bad
So I'll keep on getting better faster



[Chorus 2]
I've lost, I've lost my confidence
I found my self-belief
And in a cup of loneliness
I sailed a thousand seas

[Post-Chorus 2]
You tell me what to say and wear
You say that it's because you care
But I prefer to be alone
Than live a life that's not my own


scab - a rough surface made of dried blood that forms over a cut or broken skin while it is healing
plaster - a small piece of sticky cloth or plastic that you use to cover and protect a cut in the skin
hold down - to keep someone or something in a particular place or position and to stop him, her, or it from moving
hold up - to delay someone or something
bring up - to care for a child until he or she is an adult, often giving him or her particular beliefs
bring down - taking action against people in power
self-belief - trust in your own abilities
relief - a feeling of happiness that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended
shut in - keep someone or something inside a place by closing something such as a door
shut up - to stop talking or making a noise, or to make someone do this

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